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Drug testing is an essential aspect of the drug court program. It is, however, only one measure of a participant's progress in the program. Drug tests will be frequent, random, and visually supervised. Various drugs will tested on a random basis.

Frequent and Random Testing:
MCSAC utilizes observed Urine Analysis (UA) Redi-tests to determine the presence of drugs. In addition, participants are subject to random Breathalyzer Tests. Other forms of testing, such as hair testing, saliva testing, or "The Patch" may be used. Missoula MCSAC also conducts tests to determine the presence of adulterants and/or dilution of the urine sample.

Confirmation Tests:
All positive Redi-tests and an occasional negative test are sent to a certified laboratory for verification of the presence of drugs or adulterants and for calibration of drug levels. The lab chosen at the time of the printing of this booklet is Scientific Laboratory, Inc. in Virginia and this lab is capable of testing any drug in the participant's system including but not limited to: caffeine, nicotine, and all illegal substances.

Testing Rules Rules:

The following seven rules apply to MCSAC drug and alcohol testing:

  1. Participants must sign in and date the appropriate sign-in sheet at each check in. If the participant doesn't sign in, credit for the test will not be given.
  2. Participants must be prepared to produce a urine sample and take a Breathalyzer upon request.
  3. A missed check in will result in a positive UA. No exceptions will be made. If a participant plans to be out of town and is unable to check in with the MCSAC Case Manager, then notice must be given prior (at least 24 hours) approval for the absence and missed check in.
  4. Diluted samples will be considered as positives. If a test shows adulterants, the test is considered positive and subject to review for possible criminal charges.
  5. If a participant's test is positive on the Breathalyzer for the presence of alcohol, law enforcement will be called to perform a confirmation test. If the second test is positive, the participant will be cited for public intoxication or under age consumption. The citation will be sanctioned in the MCSAC Program.
  6. Participants are financially responsible for each Redi-test and Breathalyzer failed.
  7. If a participant informs the staff that he or she will test positive, no Redi-test will be given and the sample will immediately sent to the Crime Lab for confirmation.

Admitting to drug use before the Redi-test is given saves the participant the cost of the Redi-test or lab confirmation test. And, possibly stiffer sanctions for being positive in the first place, remember honesty is always the best policy.

NOTE: All UA sanctions must be paid before the next bi-weekly review of drug court or if arrangements have been made, prior to a participant graduating from the program.

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