Q: Are the Bi-weekly Court reviews mandatory or optional?

A: They are MANDATORY unless you have been given a reward of every other session you are expected to be present and on time.

Q: Am I being charged twice for the $30.00 probation fee?

A: No, as explained earlier, the terms "Probation Fees" and "MCSAC Fees" are the same.

Q: Why do other people on probation only report to their probation officers once a month and drug court participants report weekly to the MCSAC Case Manager?

A: Drug Court is the highest form of "Intense Supervision" Morrow County has and the concept for why someone is being referred into MCSAC dedicates that intensive supervision level at least in the beginning.

Q: Why do I have a "Probation Officer" and a "Case Manager" if I participant in MCSAC?

A: The "Probation Officer" is merely the person originally assigned to your case prior to being accepted into MCSAC, they retain accountability but at the same time are taking a step back as the MCSAC Case Manager assumes the primary responsibilities of ensuring that a participant is compliant and graduates the program. The Case Manager and Probation Officer have the same authority to enforce and uphold the requirements of the Court however the MCSAC Case Manager will have a more "hands on" involvement.

Q: Does my employer and/or family have to know what I am doing?

A: This is probably the hardest of all questions to answer. As a juvenile participant the answer is simple, YES. Your parents and possibly your school principal will be notified as to what program you are involved in, the difference is the school will not be privy to any treatment information just that you have certain Court requirements that need to be met. As an adult participant in MCSAC this question is somewhat more difficult to respond to. As responsible adult you should be able to address this issue with your family and seek their support in your recovery process, as a working adult you may find that some employers are more receptive to the MCSAC concept than you give them credit. As an adult or as a juvenile in most cases, honesty really does make a difference, if you explain ahead of time what MCSAC is and how you are benefiting it will save or the aggravation later when the truth is made know.

Q: Why do have to provide a drug screen every week?

A: SIMPLE, this is Drug Court therefore someone thought you demonstrated a problem with drugs and/or alcohol at one time otherwise you would not be active in MCSAC. Do not think of this is "they're out to get me" think of it more along the lines of a way for you show your willingness to "kick the habit" and prove you are able to regain control over your life.

Q: If I give a drug screen on Monday during office visits, will I be asked to provide another one during my bi-weekly Court review?

A: More than likely, and in fact you could be in a position to provide a drug screen any time you come into contact with the Probation Officer and/or Case Manager.

Q: If my treatment provider is requiring me to attend AA or NA, will MCSAC have me attend even more AA or NA meetings?

A: No, MCSAC will count your treatment providers AA or NA meetings as meeting the program's requirement to attend those types of meetings. However, if AA or NA is not a part of an active treatment plan, you may be required to attend meetings.

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