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 Robert C. Hickson, Jr., Judge                                                                         General Division (419) 947-4515

Tom C. Elkin, Judge                                                                        Probate/Juvenile Division (419) 947-5575

Gregory Thomas, Court Administrator                                                       Juvenile Probation (419) 947-5545

Sara Babich, Magistrate                                                   Adult Probation/Drug Court Dept.  (419) 947-5512

Kevin P. Collins, Magistrate


What Clothing Should I Wear to the Court??

(This includes Probation visits as well)

 General Concerns

The Court does not require a coat and tie for men or dresses for women.  The Court does require that clothing be appropriate to the setting.  Court is a place of respect to be shown by those coming into the Courtroom.  Clothing that is vulgar, indecent and fails to cover all portions of the body recognized in the general population to be covered, does not show the appropriate respect for all in the Courtroom, including the Judge and other parties.  The standard for proper dress should be the same as what would be appropriate for a school function whether or not the person is a student or a parent.  It should be clothing which does not draw inappropriate attention to oneself.  Clothing should be neat and CLEAN.  Failure to appear before the Court with appropriate clothing could result in a FINE.

Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Those entering a Courtroom are expected to have practiced good grooming and personal hygiene.  Clothing perfume and aftershave should be applied in a limited manner.  The Courtroom is also the appropriate place for civilized behavior.  No rude, antagonistic, or insulting behavior will be permitted.

Unacceptable Clothing

1.     Tight or revealing clothing;

2.     Clothing that is low-cut or see through;

3.     Clothing that exposes midriffs;

4.     Spaghetti straps or backless clothing;

5.     Skirts or dresses with high slits;

6.     Miniskirts;

7.     Sweat pants or exercise clothing;

8.     Shorts, unless dress shorts.  No short shorts or bathing suits and bathing suite attire is unacceptable;

9.     No tube tops or halter tops;

10.  No clothing that is excessively ripped or has holes or major tears.  This applies to all clothing, including jeans, pants, shirts and suits.

11.  Clothing that can be classified as pajamas/sleeping attire or slippers.

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