At the time of the printing of this booklet you are required to pay $30.00 per month paid by the 10th of each month in the form of money orders or cash for probation fees. The terms MCSAC, Drug Court fees and probation fees are used interchangeable, they mean the same you are not paying twice for "probation fees".

The following is a brief listing of the financial sanctions previously mentioned in this booklet:

A. Curfew violation $25.00 fine
B. No Call/No Show for office visits $20.00 fine
C. Possession of intoxicants $25.00 fine

Should you fail a drug screen you could be fined $20.00 for you first failed drug screen in addition to reimbursing MCSAC $7.00 for the actual test. Should you fail a second drug screen within a specified amount of time, you could be fined $40.00 as a sanction again reimbursing MCSAC the cost of the $7.00 test. On the chance you fail a third test in a specified amount of time, you will be fined $80.00, and a recommendation for termination from MCSAC will be brought before the Drug Court Team.

At anytime you are "sanctioned" you could face in addition to or in lieu of a fine a three to thirty day incarceration at the Morrow County Correctional Facility. All fines are to be paid in full by the next Drug Court session unless otherwise specified, in the form of cash or money order. No personal checks or credit/bank debit cards will be honored.

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