In order to assist you and encourage a participant to maintain compliance with program rules and expectations, a variety of consequences have been recognized by the Court.

The following is a brief list of both sanctions and rewards more commonly associated with the program. However, often times a unique or customized reward, and consequence will be developed and presented to the participant.

Types of Failure To Comply

  • Failure to maintain contact with the Court, Probation Officer, Case Manager, and your treatment provider
  • Failure to appear as requested for drug and/or alcohol screenings, frequently referred to as "drug testing" or "urine screens"
  • Failure to appear for Drug Court or office visits with the MCSAC Case Manager, Probation Officer or designee
  • Failure to maintain sobriety, to attend and participate within the treatment process, to follow through with all recommendations of the Drug Court Team
  • Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of supervision (Probation)
  • New charges being filed against the participant, or the participant pleading guilty to new charges

Types of Sanctions

  • Increased drug testing
  • Increased participation in treatment options
  • Increased Drug Court appearances
  • Community Service work
  • Short term incarceration (routinely referred to as �jail sanctions�)
  • Residential placement recommendations (�Half way house�, CBCF, NCORC)
  • Community Control (probation) being revoked
  • Financial sanctions (see detailed listing, separate informational sheet)
  • Repayment or reimbursement of services provided
  • Reinstatement of original criminal charges or proceedings
  • Termination from the MCSAC Program
  • Book Report
  • Warning (verbal, written)
  • 3 hours of Community Service (increases 3 hours for each incident)
  • Letter of Apology
  • 1 hour Study Hall for each absence (up to 4 absences)
  • Daily Reporting (either by phone, in person or combination)
  • School Conference
  • House Arrest
  • Increase Curfew Detention/incarcerationFinancial Fines (see listing)
  • Customized Sanction

Types of Rewards

  • Less frequent office visits or Drug Court appearances
  • Less frequent drug screenings
  • Less AA/NA meeting attendance
  • Reduction in the terms and condition of community control (probation)
  • Restoration of lost privileges i.e. re-instate driver�s license, lift or modify curfew, lift or modify house arrest conditions, etc., sealing of juvenile records
  • Returned custody of child or children (applies to Family Drug Court)
  • Successful graduation from MCSAC program
  • Successful termination of community control (probation) could be recommended reducing original sentencing order

These lists of sanctions and rewards represent the actions the Court may employ to gain compliance to assist you in successfully completing the Substance Abuse Court. The Court will not be limited in any way by these examples.

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