You have been referred to the Morrow County Substance Abuse Court (MCSAC) because you have demonstrated a significant problem with drugs and/or alcohol.

If you are a young person under the age of eighteen (18), your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) have been referred to participate with you. It is important that you fully understand the program as a whole and dedicate yourself to the successful completion of this program.

This Court supervised intervention program, which involves intense probation combined with a variety of treatment options will take a minimum of twelve (12) months to obtain successful completion. The purpose of this program is to focus on your individual needs and concerns while addressing the issue(s) of safety within the community. The treatment services you will be referred to as part this program are based on abstinence from all illicit mind altering substances. The Drug Court Team will be working with you to assist in your successfully graduation from the program. However, the choice of being successful in recovery is ultimately yours, based on your dedication to maintain a crime, drug and/or alcohol free lifestyle.

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