The twelve to eighteen month-long drug court -program that combines aggressive treatment with frequent court appearances. The Morrow County Substance Abuse Court (MCSAC) Mission in part is:

"To reduce juvenile crime and substance abuse by diverting youth to a court-managed treatment program which holds them accountable and emphasizes personal responsibility."

The Morrow County Substance Abuse Court (MCSAC) is a court-managed intensive treatment program. The MCSAC Juvenile components are open to 20 youths between the ages of 12 and 21. Juveniles who are involved in the criminal justice system and that are significantly abusing alcohol and/or drugs are the focus of this program. Young people formally charged in Juvenile Court with felonies that are not crimes of violence or significant drug trafficking, and juveniles charged with any misdemeanor are eligible for the program.

Although all of the Morrow County Substance Abuse Courts are designed to range in length from 12 to 18 months, a juvenile case is not necessarily bound by those time frames. Certainly this is true with anyone having been dually diagnosed with both mental health related issues and substance abuse concerns. However for the purpose of this program those persons in the program should be reserved the fact that consideration for graduation will not come prior to the minimum 12-month period. And, should consider themselves ahead fortunate when a recommendation comes any earlier.

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