The MCSAC Program emphasizes community-based treatment and least restrictive services. Therefore, whenever possible, MCSAC participants remain in the family home while they are in the MCSAC Program, sometimes with the support of the House Arrest Program or other form of curfew or travel restrictions. Some participants' behavior and/or substance abuse may warrant out of home placement or residential treatment. Juvenile Drug Court sessions are held bi-weekly usually on a Wednesday afternoon, opposite of the Adult Drug Courts, which are also bi-weekly but on Thursday in the afternoons.

Most participants and a parent/guardian appear in court for a progress review. In addition to the bi-weekly court appearance, youth and their families participate throughout the week in an individual program plan. Each participant's plan includes an array of therapy or educational options and could include a conflict resolution workshop, parenting education course (for parents and guardians of participants). Each participant's plan (regardless if adult or juvenile) may also include, substance abuse treatment and/or mental health treatment and education. Drug court participants are subject to regular, frequent, random, visually supervised drug testing.

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